Soccer Blazt

Soccer Blazt

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Play Soccer Blazt online free. Forget all of the football games that you have played before. In this football game, you are struggling for the victory with the heroes which have super powers, against a friend or CPU. Your goal is both to frazzle your opponent by using your own special powers and to live the victory by scoring goals. In this game, six super powered character will be waiting for you. The last two character can be unlocked in the “League” section if you can win some games in that section.Soccer Blazt is an exclusive game from the category "Sports games" type html5. This kind of games can be play in any device, included computer or smartphones and it's rated as safe for all family members.

How to play:

Game controls: Player 1 : Move: “W,S” Special attacks: “H,G” Player 2: Move: “UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS” Special attacks: “K,L” Have fun!

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